Special Machines

ACM Engineering offers technological service to customers to deal with specific problems which are not always possible to solve by what is an the market or in their internal organisation. We provide the following services:  The study, planning and realisation of automatic devices and system, robot banks subjected to anthropoid robots or to Cartesian axis;  The realisation and setting up of specific machines or of special appliances to existing machines to meet the technological advancement of the market;  Machine revision and modernisation;  Normal or special maintenance operations. Since we have long experience in the maintenance field, our first aim is to guarantee the high reliability our machinery. For this reason we use only tested and easily available mechanical elements and we build our machines following simple resisting mechanical building concepts, to reduce the maintenance as much as even for heavy use of the machinery (three work shifts a day for seven days). The technological know-how of the firm makes it possible to build complete plants applying software and hardware to a vast range of industrial sectors. Client service is personalised according to the project of the machines, the installation testing and start up, as well as the training of personnel in operating the equipment. The direct assistance of qualified technical personnel ensures a quick and extensive service throughout the World.

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