Cotton Pads Production - Automatiche

The automatic machines for cutting and packaging of make-up remover pads of the MD series opitomize quality and reliability. In over twenty years of development, the original project of the MD series has been improved year after year, and now its solidity and reliability are unparalleled. Our machines guarantee the best performances and the highest quality standards when it comes to finished products. Our machines are fully automatic, installation only takes a few hours and we guarantee up to 56 packs per minute. They may be equipped with various formats, both standard and customized according to customers’ requests, and shift from one format to another in less than 4 hours. The innovative packaging system enables to use less plastics as compared to the standard machines; in this way you can save money on raw materials. Our automatic machines for make-up remover pads are user-friendly and highly ergonomic, in this way a single operator may control two automatic MD machines. All the machines manufactured by ACM Engineering can be supplied with the new double unwinder with automatic junction of the cotton web MD Connector. The latter eliminates machine downtime for bobbin changes, thereby increasing productivity and efficiency.