The MD3100 is a flexible, high-performance machine for the production of cotton pads of various shapes and sizes, with or without dots (stitch), and it is equipped with a sound-proofing cabin that reduces noises, dirt and dust, while ensuring safety to the operator. It is one of the most appreciated machines, one of the best-sellers thanks to its innovative technical features and to its top quality and productivity. The MD3100 project was implemented and optimized to obtain the best quality, while trying to simplify each detail of the machine. The result is a very reliable, efficient and user-friendly machine, which ensures the best performances with a production of over 29 million packs of cotton pads per year. With its 56 packs of cotton pads guaranteed per minute (even with 80 pads per pack), the MD3100 is the automatic machine for the production of make-up remover pads with the best cost/productivity ratio on the market, both in terms of purchase and of the machine lifecycle, thanks to an excellent spare parts service and a timely and efficient customer assistance. Our automatic machine for cotton pads MD3100, as all other automatic machines of the MD series, can be supplied with the new double fully automatic unwinder MD Connector for the cotton rolls junction. The latter eliminates machine downtime for reels changes, thereby increasing productivity by as much as 10%. The work of operators becomes even more efficient. Coupling two MD3100 machines equipped with the MD Connector, one operator is able to handle 2 production lines at the same time. A.C.M. Engineering can provide production lines for cotton pads integrated with automatic, highly efficient case packer that can handle two MD3100 machines producing 112 packs per minute, then boxing the cotton pads bags into cardboard automatically, ready for shipping. The fully automatic machine for cutting and packing cotton pads MD3100 is supplied with the remote tele- assistance system, the new automatic lubrication system, the control and assistance to maintenance from the operator panel, the new energy-recovery system, and much more. For further information, please contact us and we will tell you what’s new at ACM Engineering for the nonwoven sector.

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