The automatic machine MD1600 for the production and packaging of cotton pads is a versatile, high- performance model, which has a guaranteed productivity of 56 packs per minute and can pack up to 29 million bags of make-up remover pads per year. The MD1600 is a compact machine that perfectly fits into a container, for this reason it is shipped ready for use, and with only some simple operations it is possible to start full production. In just a few hours it is possible to shift from the production of 57mm round cotton pads to 80mm round cotton pads, or to change their shapes – from square-shaped 75x75mm pads to oval-shaped 70x90 pads, or rectangular 90x110mm pads. Special formats with particular shapes may be supplied on customer’s request; in addition, all our formats may be produced with stitched or smooth edges. With simple controls from the panel, the operator can change and adjust all machine parameters, such as the number of pads per pack, or check maintenance interventions and the procedures required. The MD1600 is a fully automatic, technology-intensive machine; thanks to an innovative project and constant improvements year after year, its reliability is unparalleled, and its performance is among the best in its category. Our fully automatic machine for cotton pads MD1600, as all other fully automatic machines of the MD series, can be supplied with the new double unwinder with the automatic junction of the cotton rolls MD Connector. The latter eliminates machine downtime for reels changes, thereby increasing productivity by as much as 10%. The work of operators becomes even more efficient. Coupling two MD1600 machines equipped with the MD Connector, one operator is able to handle 2 production lines at the same time. A.C.M. Engineering can provide production lines for cotton pads integrated with automatic, highly efficient boxing machines that can handle two MD1600 machines producing 112 packs per minute, then boxing packs automatically, ready for shipping.

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