The MD1300 - the first machine of the MD series - is the automatic machine for the production and packaging of cotton pads that meets the requirements of make-up remover pads producers who are looking for a flexible and simple machine able to guarantee a top-quality finished product. The MD1300 is equipped with a fully automatic packaging unit able to produce up to 56 packs per minute (guaranteed). The machine enables to change production, choosing from a wide range of cotton pads of various shapes and sizes. It is possible to choose between those already available or create new shapes and sizes, with a stitched edge or a smooth edge. As is the case of all automatic machines manufactured by ACM Engineering, MD1300 may be equipped with single, double of triple embossing machine so as to ensure a simple and fast shift from one design to another, without halting production. The MD1300 is a fully automatic, technology-intensive machine; thanks to an innovative project and constant improvements year after year, its reliability is unparalleled, and its performance is among the best in its category.

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